Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hot Docs 2012 - Planet of Snail

Planet of Snail by Yi Seung-jun, 2011

A touching love story, Planet of Snail documents the daily lives of Young-Chan and Soon-Ho. A young couple, they live their daily lives with extra concern and patience. Young-Chan is both deaf and blind, while his wife, Soon-Ho, has a spinal deformity that makes her stand at about the height of his elbow. Footage of the couple performing tasks such as changing a lightbulb and exercising is really quite lovely, showing the extra mile Young-Chan and Soon-Ho need to go in order to do something that is so easy for most other people. Yet there are distracting interludes edited between these real-life moments where Young-Chan recites an essay in voiceover with what feels like an inappropriate score of sad, electronic music. At 90 minutes long, the film also felt like it dragged, certain scenes going on much too long and others that might not have been needed altogether. As a portrait, Planet of Snail succeeds in showing us a humane, deeply felt love story, but it did not need the extra gimmicks.

3 out of 5

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