Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hot Docs 2012 - Canned Dreams

Canned Dreams by Katja Gaurilof, 2012

How many countries, and how many residents of these countries, does it take to make a can of ravioli? Katja Gaurilof enlightens us with this question by visiting everyone from mine workers in Brazil to pig slaughterers in Romania, exploring the various journeys of all the ingredients needed to make this consumer-ready food item. Beautiful visuals accompany voiceovers provided by each of the interviewees who, instead of explaining aspects of their jobs, speak of everything from their dreams and hardships, to memories from childhood and their fantasies of revenge. I appreciated this structure of Canned Dreams and the way it diverted from my expectations. The simple stories and emotional confessions of these subjects made for a uniquely personal film about a globalized world.

 4 out of 5

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